Marijuana Cloning 101

Growing your own marijuana is very fulfilling, however also rather lengthy. Depending upon the stress, the total time it takes to grow cannabis from seed to harvest might be anywhere from eight weeks to more than seven months (which does not even include treating time).

Fortunately, there is a method to reduce the overall grow time while preserving a stockpile of cannabis plants: marijuana clones.

Should I use clones to grow cannabis?

There are many needs to grow marijuana from clones including a minimized grow time, an indefinite grow cycle and the ability to pre-select female plants. This is especially true for indoor grow spaces that permit a better controlled environment during all phases of development.

Minimized Grow Time

A clone must just take a week or two to take root after being removed from the mom. From this point, the clone might continue in the vegetative state till a preferred size is reached or be moved directly into its flower stage knocking a couple of good weeks off of a grow cycle.

An Indefinite Supply

The very best buds are seed-free that makes it difficult to keep a constant supply of seeds for the next grow cycle. By taking cuttings off of mother plants, you can keep a continuous supply of the very same pressures that you currently know you’ll love.

Pre-Selected Female Plants

A clone is an exact genetic copy of its moms and dad. By taking a clone from a female plant, you’re guaranteeing that the next generation will be female, too. You can likewise use cuttings to pre-determine the gender of a plant before introducing the entire thing to a 12/12 light cycle.

Ways to Take a Clone from Marijuana

Pruning is an essential part of maintaining a healthy cannabis plant and will result in bushier plants and fuller buds. You can take clones during the pruning procedure by following a couple of basic actions.

Collect your materials

The products had to clone a healthy marijuana plant include a sterile blade, rooting representative, a grow medium (like rockwool), a grow tray with a vented hood, distilled water and a mother plant.

Prepare your grow medium

Rockwool, the most typical grow medium has a high pH level and should therefore be treated by first soaking it in a water solution with a pH value of 5.5 (you can adjust this using a digital pH meter and pH adjuster fluid).

After soaking, eliminate the rock wool and transfer into a mild vegetative nutrient option with an adjusted pH at around 6.0. When you’re ready to begin the cloning process, move the cubes to the grow tray and reserved.

Pick your cutting

Use your sterile blade to cut a 4- to 6-inch branch from the mother plant along the stem at a 45 degree angle then dip the cutting into the rooting agent, a hormone-based gel that promotes root growth. Location the stem of the cutting securely into the growing medium and repeat (keep in mind to take extra clones in case a few do not make it through).

Establish your clones

Clones like wetness, but they need to breathe, too. Make certain they’ve got what they require by misting the leaves then securing a dome top in location. Pay attention to the moisture material (ensure they’re not swimming) and vent when required.

Put your clone tray under grow lights (CFLs work well) and monitor carefully over the next couple of days. As soon as roots appear, you can move the cutting to a soil or hydroponic system.