This city has the cheapest weed worldwide

This city has the cheapest weed worldwide

Unsurprisingly, the marijuana-averse nation of Singapore is last on the list, consuming just 0.02 metric lots of marijuana every year.

New York City, in truth, was noted by Seedo as the city with the highest volume of marijuana intake in the world. Surprisingly, Karachi, Pakistan is second on the list, smoking cigarettes 41.95 metric tons of cannabis every year. Next on the list is New Delhi, India, which takes in 38.26 metric heaps annually, followed by Los Angeles, U.SA.

A new study from the marijuana innovation company, Seedo, has figured out the cities throughout the world where cannabis intake is the greatest, where tax earnings would be (possibly) the most rewarding and the cities with the most inexpensive weed worldwide. The United States city with the highest marijuana intake? That would be New York City, weighing in at 77.44 metric lots of marijuana consumed yearly.


Regarding be expected, the most inexpensive weed on the planet can be found in countries that have actually legal or unwinded cannabis laws. Taking the primary area for the least expensive weed worldwide is the mountainous city of Quito, Ecuador, where consuming marijuana is legal and Ecuadorian citizens can possess approximately 10 grams of individual item. Here, homeowners can purchase cannabis for just $1.34 USD per gram. Bogota, Colombia takes the number two area, at $2.2 USD per gram, which is not a surprise thinking about that the growing of a limited number of plants and individual intake of cannabis is decriminalized in the nation. By contrast, the most inexpensive weed in the United States is Seattle, inning accordance with the index, where residents can acquire cannabis for just $7.58 USD per gram.


While New York City legislated medical cannabis in 2014, recreational marijuana stays unlawful. Still, the city is inching ever closer to legalizing cannabis for leisure usage. Los Angeles, on the other hand, not only has more affordable weed than New York but also has lots of dispensaries for locals to quickly buy cannabis from.

Seedo calls the research study a “2018 Cannabis Price Index,” which analyzes elements like marijuana’s legal status, possible tax revenue from cannabis if taxed at the very same level as cigarettes, and possible tax earnings from cannabis if taxed at the same level as the average U.S. cannabis taxes in legal states like Washington. Overall, the study takes a look at 120 global cities.

The 2018 Cannabis Price Index has actually exposed the best places for deal bud

In regards to the United States cities with the highest volume of intake, it’s simple to see why New York tops the list, a minimum of when considering the city’s huge population. New York has 8.5 million homeowners. The city with the second highest volume of marijuana consumption in the United States, Los Angeles, is the second biggest city in the nation, with about 4 million residents. Los Angeles consumes 36.06 metric tons of cannabis each year according to the index.