Vaping has earned itself the credibility of being the healthiest and purest way to consume marijuana and other herbs without inhaling all the unhealthy carcinogens. We have a look at a couple of herbs you can contribute to the mix to get much more from the experience.


People vape all sorts of plants separately, but very few know that a great deal of common herbs can be coupled with marijuana to enhance the vaping experience. Herbs like kratom, lavender, and damiana can enhance the taste of marijuana, especially if you have some mid to low grade weed, in addition to provide some added advantages. All these herbs have enjoyable impacts when vaped alone, so naturally, the experience is intensified when combined with cannabis.

According to Dr. Ian Mitchell, an emergency physician and scientific assistant professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, marijuana is typically vaped at 175-200 ° C. This temperature level can be changed when cannabis is combined with other herbs. It’s best to discover a happy medium temperature that’s right between what would optimal for each.


Kratom, also known as mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical evergreen tree from Southeastern Asia. Kratom is among the most popular herbs to be vaped together with marijuana. It’s been used for centuries, but only recently became more traditional in the western world.

On its own, kratom produces a moderate high for some users. Less than exactly what one would feel after cigarette smoking cannabis. However mixing the two might open up a whole new world of spiritual connection and psychedelic vibes. Many users who’ve tried the mix state that kratom helps to improve the impacts of the cannabis rather considerably.

Obviously, the high produced will vary from person to individual. Nevertheless, a known reality is that kratom and marijuana have comparable medical benefits. Cannabis will always transcend to kratom and other herbs in almost every way, but lots of who cannot smoke weed for whatever reason usage kratom as a substitute. As mentioned above, one compliments the other, so the health advantages can likewise be amplified when combined with marijuana. Both are known to help with:

  • Pain relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Feelings of bliss
  • Ability to Sleep

The perfect temperature for vaping kratom is 175-200 ° C, which is right in line with the best temperature level for vaping cannabis. These two trippy, holistic herbs are a match made in vaping paradise.


Those who vape are often partial to lavender and mint. While the flavours are significantly different, the effects are fairly comparable. Lavender is an aromatic, flowering species of Lamiaceae plants, more typically known as the mint household.

Both lavender and mint are very comforting herbs to vape that can help you relax physically and mentally. Both can relieve the smoke too if coughing occurs to be a concern when smoking cigarettes bowls.

About 75% cannabis and 25% additional herbs would be an excellent mixture to begin with, that method the taste of mint or lavender won’t be too self-important. Another popular combination is 50% cannabis (good indica chosen), 25% lavender, and 25% percent sleepy time tea. It’s smooth, and it tastes phenomenal. Utilize this mix prior to bed to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Mint is finest vaped at 160-175 ° C. When vaped alone, lavender is generally vaped at lower temperatures, someplace around 130 ° C. However a lot of individuals vape it together with cannabis at higher temperature levels and do not have any issues.


St. John’s Wort becomes part of the Hypericaceae family that was initially native to parts of Asia and Europe. Presently, it has spread throughout the world and grows in several regions in the wild.

It works as an extremely mild monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). So mild in fact and with so few side effects, it’s often prescribed as a state of mind stabiliser for children. MAOIs have been understood to decrease the needed dose levels for other drugs to operate in your system, so it would not be a far stretch to presume that it may do the exact same for cannabis.

Both marijuana and St John’s Wort are very efficient antidepressant and anti-anxiety treatments. When paired, clients feel nearly instant relief that lasts for hours. St John’s Wort is known to intensify the signs of ADD and ADHD, however marijuana is shown to assist improve signs of those disorders.

St. John’s Wort is supposed to be vaped at low temperature levels, around 100-150 ° C. It’s best to vape cannabis first at 175-200 ° C, followed by St. John’s Wort. If you choose vaping them simultaneously, 160-175 ° C may be a middle ground.


A subtle mix of marihuanilla, passionflower, and marijuana is another mix that’s recently become popular. It has a smooth and sweet flavor however it doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the marijuana, and the high differs from utilizing weed alone.

The high is described as higher energy and more lucid. It makes sense considering that passionflower is frequently utilized with other psychedelics to reinforce and prolong their impacts. Some individuals decide to omit the passionflower and utilize simply the marihuanilla and cannabis mixture as a tobacco replacement.

The preferred temperature level to vape passionflower is 150-160 ° C, and for marihuanilla it’s 150-175 ° C.


Kanna is a succulent with small, white flowers that originated in Africa. There aren’t numerous kept in mind medical benefits to kanna consumption aside from anxiety relief, however the psychedelic results are well recorded. Combining it with cannabis will make everything more surreal and positive than usual, however utilizing excessive might cause some vivid hallucination and nausea.

The mix of marijuana and kanna must be vaped at 185-190 ° C to feel the complete impacts.


Another legal plant with results much like those of marijuana, damiana is often used as a substitute or along with the charming green flowers. The flavour mixes perfectly with marijuana, and it enhances the relaxing and blissful sensations felt when getting stoned.

Note that the flavour can stick around for a while. Some people enjoy the taste of cannabis alone, so to avoid that you can either vape the marijuana first, or utilize different devices for each herb.
The optimal temperature level for damiana, either alone or paired with marijuana, is 175-200 ° C. CHAMOMILE

Chamomile has been popular for centuries because it has a wide variety of uses. Prior to contemporary medication, chamomile was utilized as a treatment for stress and anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, and indigestion. To this day, it’s still used typically for relaxation and as a sleep aid.

Chamomile is usually brewed into a tea, but vaping has actually become a typical go-to technique for chamomile usage also. Chamomile is likewise combined with cannabis frequently to either vape or smoke. There isn’t really a great deal of effect on the high, but it’s an incredibly popular flavour additive.

Vape your cannabis-chamomile mixture at 190 ° C for the very best outcomes.

When vaping any new herbs, there are a few essential things to bear in mind. First and foremost, always purchase 100% natural items. Any artificial components might negatively affect the impacts it would have. Secondly, don’t use excessive too fast. It’s finest to begin by integrating small amounts of herbs into your marijuana to see how your body reacts.


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