The Best Ways To Easily Conceal the Smell of Weed

If there’s one drawback to smoking cigarettes weed, it’s the smell. Sure some individuals like it, but one whiff of wackey tobacky and everyone will know what you’ve depended on. So if you would rather toke up a little more discretely, you’re going to need to discover the best ways to cover the smell of marijuana. It looks like every stoner has their own technique for masking the smell of weed, so it can be tiring to determine which method is right for you. To make it easy, we’ve developed this list of all the very best methods to easily hide the smell of cannabis.

It doesn’t matter if you’re attempting to smoke in a dorm room, at your task, or in the house, you most likely need to find a way to hide weed smell. You can stay low tech and push a towel under your door, get industrious and build your own sploof, or get fancy and purchase a vape. To assist you figure it out, we’ve rounded up every weed smell-hiding trick in the book. (Although, we admit, a few of them are more questionable than others.) Remember, if you’re going to smoke, be clever about it and don’t drive– just chill out and check out all the ways you can quickly conceal the odor of weed.

Start Collecting Mason Jars

If you intend on keeping large amounts of marijuana around your house, things are getting very stinky, really quick. Rather than keep your stash in bags, or any other receptacle that lets odors out, pick up some mason containers. Not just do they keep smells in, however they’re perfect for making sure whatever you’re keeping stays fresh.

After You Finish Smoking, Wash Your Hands

It’s a great general rule to wash your hands after any activity, but a low-cost and effective method to rid yourself of any smells is to wash your face and hands after you smoke. If you have a great deal of time on your hands, you may even consider taking a shower after you toke so you smell more Irish Spring than Jamaican getaway.

Make a Disposable Smoke Filter

A non reusable smoke filter, otherwise referred to as a homemade sploof, is the most crucial tool in a smoker’s toolbox (outside of pot, obvi). All you need is an empty paper towel roll, anti-static sheet, and a tidy sock. Put those things together and you’re in company.

Blow Your Smoke Out the Window

This idea has to do with as low tech as it gets, however when it concerns ensuring your dorm room or apartment or condo is free of any and all smells, you cannot beat ventilation.

Light Up Some Incense

As cliche as it might appear, lighting incense is a wonderful method to eliminate any stinky smoke from your space. Although just owning incense is a great indication that you smoke a great deal of weed.

Turn Laundry Sheets Into the Best Air Fresheners

Among the most traditional methods of masking the smell of your smoke is to utilize laundry sheets as an inexpensive air freshener. Position them around the room, tape them to a running fan, and maybe even put them over your air conditioning vents. Your room will smell fresh in no time.

Buy Activated Charcoal

Inning accordance with this declared drug agent, triggered charcoal is among the most effective methods for ridding your life of those annoying cannabis smells. Whether you want to put it in your sploof, use it to help you take a trip with your stash, or get rid of smells from your grow space, triggered charcoal is your best option. Exactly what makes it so special? Activated charcoal can soak up undesirable contaminants and particles from the air, that consists of everything from toxins in fish tanks to the odor of Mary Jane.

Smoke Near an Open Fire

This sounds harmful, but if you have a fireplace in your home, or a fire pit in your garden, there’s actually not a better location to obtain rid of undesirable weed smells. Also, you’ll look incredibly identified smoking cigarettes from a fancy pipeline in front of a roaring flame.

Purchase an Air Purifier

Even if you aren’t smoking a ridiculous amount of pot, it’s probably a great idea to acquire an air purifier. Think about how refined you’ll look when you have one cleaning the oxygen in your home. Buddies will wish to visit more, and your nose will thank you.

Get Friendly with Odor Resistant Bags

If you’re taking a trip from A to B with a small amount of pot, it would behoove you to get a box of smell resistant bags. That method you can carry your weed without triggering every smell alarm (or as some might call them, “noses”) within 10 feet.

Start Using a Vaporizer

Vaporizers are a terrific method to smoke pot without the smoke. They likewise help in reducing the odor. The cost for a vaporizer varies hugely, so don’t hesitate to shop around for the vape device that’s right for you.

Put a Towel Under Your Door

Rolling up a big towel and packing it under the fracture between your door and the floor might hide the odor (up until you open your door), however everyone who isn’t really a newborn baby is going to know what you’re doing.

Blow Smoke Into a Water Bottle

This is quickly the most down and unclean way to breathe out smoke without the smell going everywhere. However depending on how much you smoke, you might need a great deal of water bottles.


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