author/webmaster/ is a conclusive resource for all things cannabis related. Bud Durden the creator of this website has actually been growing both within in and outside the law for a years and has massed a big breadth of knowledge associated to growing, taking pleasure in, medicating and practically other marijuana related subject you can think of.

BUD’s competence to defiantly growing and particularly growing with new innovation such as LED Grow lights. An early adopter of this innovation, Bud has actually seen the increase of LED grow lights from an excellent concept to years of disappointment over poor quality LED innovations. Bud feels LED has finally reached its golden era due to fast advancements in LED grow light innovation which now enable LED to be as powerful as high pressure sodium lighting systems. “it’s an equal opportunity for led grow lights at this point” states Durden when asked if he’ll ever return to HIP grow lights. “There is definitely no need to be using old made HIP lighting in this day and age. LED is now simply as effective and uses half the energy.

You can discover Bud on just about any marijuana related board answering concerns and playing a part in the marijuana community.

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